Speaking the word...

This past Sunday one of the ladies at St. Elias told me she had a conversation with a few people who had been to my presentation to an ecumenical gathering in LaCrosse related to the Year of St. Paul. Apparently they, whoever that mysterious "they are, thought I was attempting to draw people to Orthodoxy.

Well, duh! Smile.

Now the presentation wasn't specifically evangelistic in content, I merely presented the history of St. Elias and a broad strokes painting of Orthodox Faith to people who I presumed knew little about it. Then I followed with a number of points about St. Paul. You can read it if you scroll down or head to the archives. There was no altar call, no debate, just information. But I suppose its "feel" was unusual. Imagine that, an Orthodox Priest presenting Orthodoxy to others as if he actually believes it! I guess its the spirit of this age, calculated (and self promoting) doubt as a sign of enlightenment.

If that's the case it won't be the only time I fail to live up to expectations.

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