Our Christmas Letter...

Dear Friends,

The days are filled with snow and cold as fall turns into winter and the season moves towards Christmas. We spend more time in our living room after work, providing rotating laps for our cats, and hibernating in that way that only those who’ve lived up here know.

This year has been marked by routine. We still make the trips to LaCrosse on the weekend to take care of St. Elias and Jane and I often commute together to work at Parkshore Senior Campus. Our days are filled with work and rest, church and home. The normal patterns of life prevail but there’s a blessing in that kind of ordinariness, especially in these interesting times.

We have jobs. We have a warm house. We have friends and family. We have, outside of the normal colds and such, good health. I still engage myself with music, writing (travelingpriest.blogspot.com), and study, and Jane has her books, computer games, and trips to the health club. As I write this I have a cat keeping watch over me and grooming my arm. Of course it would be great, I suppose, to tell you that we had won the lottery or that our careers were on the fast track to that corner office but these simple things are treasures in their own right and for this moment they’re all we need.

Our hope is that you experience all the enduring riches of life in these days and always. There will always be change in this life but some things endure over time. May you discover and cherish them in this holy season and always.

Always, John, Jane, Kahless, and Kira, Chagnon

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