Up to half a foot of snow expected today. Okay.

Up here in flyover country we just get kind of stoic about it all. Nature is in charge and there's a few things we can do (like furnaces and indoor plumbing) and a whole lot we can't. There's nothing like six inches of snow followed by below zero temperatures to get a person into the proper perspective about things.

Anyway, up here in Minnesota we always say, "Well we could use the moisture..." and beyond the fact that we'd be stuck with the snow even if we were as wet as a tea bag, the truth is we really do need the moisture. Rivers, lakes, and fields will all get a needed dose when this melts off in spring and this matters because if the folks out in the country have a dry year the rest of us don't eat so well.

So the shovel is out, the snowblower is ready, and we're getting psyched for the long commute this morning. Just no ice please and we'll bear up as best we can.

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