Bass amp hell...

I've got no one to blame for it except myself.

For the past week and change I've been looking for the perfect amplifier for my electric bass. I had saved some money and wanted to "step up" but invited myself, as well, to a nightmare of my own making. Time on the internet, purchasing and returning, starting out with one moving to two others and then returning to the first. What I thought was going to be like a kid going to a candy store was more about obsession, disappointment, and the hangover that always seems to come the morning after the great consumer party is finished. I actually like my bass and the whole idea of it less.

The whole thing has reminded me, again, how there is not "perfect" thing, ever, and that everything one can buy is about shades of better or worse. I'm reminded, as well, that if I had pursued holiness, virtue, faith, or any number of good things with the effort squandered in the pursuit of a few notes of sound I would be happier then I am now, and certainly not feeling like I'd been ridden hard and put away wet.

And hopefully they won't ban me for life from Guitar Center for being so neurotic.

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