Today as I heard the news that the California Supreme Court had decided in its wisdom to declare same sex marriage a civil right I felt a wave of sadness.

On a constitutional level this decision was horrendous. The people of California had already voted in a referendum to affirm the traditional definition of marriage and the Court, like in Massachusetts, simply decided it knew best and did whatever it pleased. Why have people vote and a Legislative branch if Courts feel they can simply decide any issue? We have created a government here in the United States where basically five people, any majority of the federal Supreme Court, rule. Each time a court acts with the cavalier disregard for history and the rights of people to enact law through referendum and legislation democracy and representative government dies. And every time the people and legislatures meekly submit to these kinds of abuses the stage is set for either revolution or tyranny.

On a personal level I feel sorry for the people in California. At some point in the future the folly of these actions will bear bitter fruit. No the sky hasn't fallen in now and may not for some time, after all the mill of God grinds slow but exceedingly fine, but there will be a time when the pain, disease, and suffering caused by people who believe their right to sexual expression transcends common sense and even science will come to a head and it won't be pretty. Already we have spiraling rates of STDs, broken homes, psychological wounding, and the extraordinary social costs that come with them all. Yet instead of seeing these as calls to reexamine our vision of sexual and moral life we plunge in further, "waist deep in the big muddy and the big fool says march on..." Some future generation will have to clean up this mess and until sense returns a lot of people are going to be hurt and some will die. What a shame!

I have to admit there is a part of me that would like to grab, as it were, a musket and take back my country from the selfish and short sighted fools who often are in charge of things. That's not, however, our way, but one thing is certain. We Christians have got to look at events like this and realize its time to end our passivity and live our lives as Christians knowing that the only way this will change is to change our culture from the ground up, one person coming to Christ (and sanity) at a time. The people who have made these horrible decisions will have to stand before Christ for what they have done, but so will we if don't hear the call in all of this and realize that we need to combat this darkness the only way with can, with the Light of Christ.


Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Things like this are common place here on the 'Left Coast'. Most people ignore it, or are untouched by it, but state will one day collapse under its own weight.
After my mother passes beyond the veil and I retire, I plan on relocating. I will have to, I won't be able to afford it here in a few years!

Fr John said...

Thank you for your response. If the truth be known my greatest sadness is probably for the people who are struggling for sexual wholeness. This ruling will confirm many in a kind of brokenness that will trap them in a false love and harm them body and soul. How arrogant we are and how far will we have to fall to regain our humility and balance?