Old friends...

From time to time I'll browse the web looking for old friends. As time goes by the memory of them grows more special and it's interesting to see how life is treating them.

Tonight I browsed through the reunion site for Wausau West High School, class of 1979. Had we not moved to Minnesota in 1975 this would have been my class and as I looked through the names many of them were still familiar. One of my classmates is a minister in the suburbs of Minneapolis, another works in public affairs at an electric company in Wausau, many are still around town and some who I would like to have found were simply lost. It's all part of life I guess.

I find myself praying sometimes for people who've probably forgotten I even exist. Some are friends who drifted away over the years, some are people who I've hurt by my own selfishness, some are just passing acquaintances. Either way I truly do desire that God's blessing would follow them wherever they are.

This is especially true about Mahtomedi High School. The truth is that those years were hard years and I felt liked I never belonged there but its something that can't be undone. Over the years, though, I've tried to pray for everyone in the class of 79 in the hope that somehow it would, behind the scenes, make a difference for them and for me as well. For them I hope its an unseen blessing helping them along the way. For me its an ongoing opportunity to give and receive forgiveness in the act of prayer.

On these nights when I see the names and remember the faces and the times past as I google folks in the hope that someone familiar may appear my heart feels tender and a little bit melancholy. A part of me wants to get on the phone and say "Hi, do you remember me?" in the hope that somehow the old connections can be reanimated. It's probably not to be but the thought of it is comforting.

However time has taken us apart I do hope to see them in heaven.

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