It's been very dry...

in May and June and we're over 5 inches below the average rainfall. Grass is going brown and lakes and ponds are shrinking from their banks. It's the day before Pentecost and we need rain.

So it is with the world and myself as well. We both need water from heaven and the rain of the Spirit to come and touch our dryness. The winter was cold and long and spring has been stingy with her fruits. We, I, need rain to soften the ground, to give life to that which is in us, and to quench our thirst.

Let the clouds roll in, even if they are only the size of a man's hand, and let the first drops fall. Whatever falls will be taken. Whatever comes will be absorbed. Each drop will have value.

It's the day before Pentecost and we, I, need rain.

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Andrew a friend of Christ said...

"In times of thirst from the extremes of the desert which has swallowed up many, cross over carefully seeking the reward of the water led by the strength stronger then the white horse. Seek the survivor of mind, one in the reward the head of Christ. All of God's children are sought, bought, and brought to the great mystery of God, as slaves of God in the beginning Lord Jesus Christ does not forget to tap water in the middle of desert site, nor does He forget to make provision of the oasis of life. This provision is all that are God's inherit the promise of peace where thirst is taken away at the crystal delta the final cross is a bridge entering ing deified nature eating the eternal tree of life and drinking of the eternal well of all faith, hope, and obedience to absorb purity in Love.

Love your brother in Christ,

Andrew Joseph Whitacre

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