I've wondered sometimes...

about the ascension. What was it? How did it happen? Let me explain.

The Scriptures tell us that Jesus' body lifted off from the ground and at some height disappeared into a cloud and left his follower's sight. As an act of God by faith I can understand the "why" of it. Jesus was returning from where He came. But the how of it has intrigued me for years.

If it were a direct ascension, Jesus simply lifting off the ground and being elevated in a straight line, our Lord would still be traveling through space even if He were moving at the speed of light. But Jesus Himself told His followers He was going somewhere, a place where He would later have His followers join Him. By the natural laws as we understand them He, unless this place was on some distant planet, would not have yet arrived.

My own thoughts, and I am definitely not a physicist, are that what may have happened is some kind of dimensional shift. Perhaps there are more layers of reality then we know. Perhaps what we understand as "heaven" is not as far away from us as we think. We understand that angels walk among us unseen could they be on a plane of existence that is very real but for the most part just out of our sight? Could Jesus have briefly ascended and then, by the power of God, returned to the dimension from which He had been from eternity, His disappearing out of sight being the mark of that shift?

I don't know and I am certainly speculating, guessing even. Yet the mechanics of the ascension have intrigued me and if you're browsing through and have an idea I would like to know what you think as well.


s-p said...

I always liked (I think it was Farrar Capon) who said "Jesus didn't dump His body somewhere over Detroit", He ascended as a man. I've always supposed it was like the space shuttle that goes into the clouds and eventually out of sight. What happens after that is as mysterious as the incarnation which started it all.

Anonymous said...

Hadn't really thought about how it happened, but moving into another dimension makes a lot of sense.And perhaps in that dimention people can observe us and our actions and then be able to move into our dimension to interact with us when needed.