Amost home...

It's getting close to the time to stop traveling and find a home. It's one of those things you just know, a combination of people, places, and events all working together. The question is always about finding the hand of God in it all.

Sometimes that hand is present and apparent. We read the sacred texts and listen to the commands and so we know what to do. Love God, love your neighbor, the direction is plain even if the outworking isn't always so precise. But other times the leading of God is more nuanced. How do I know when a job is ending and God is moving me on to another place? Is this person sitting across the restaurant table from me the one I should marry? When that happens the answer is that mysterious combination of the principles we've learned, our experience, our instinct, and that thing we call the "heart".

And that can be a scary thing because of its lack of precision. When the light is red you stop. When its green you go. Sometimes the door closes hard behind you and other times the door you must exit and the one you must enter are only slightly ajar. The best path seems to be to use your insight, presuming that grace has illumined it, stay true to the larger principles, and step forward knowing that God cares for you and has the ability to weave the fabric of your life from whatever threads we have.

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