The Passion Gospels...

are probably the hardest service for people to attend during Holy Week. It's a long service, two hours and change, there's not much movement, and plenty of standing. It's the one service some long time Orthodox avoid.

But it's important. First it continues the Orthodox way of immersing those who attend in Scripture. Some people think that because they have a Bible study and a text of two in the service that they're a "Bible Church" but we Orthodox are soaked in Scripture every single liturgy. The Passion Gospels are the epitome of this, the whole service is Scripture held together by the framework of an Orthros service.

Second, the Passion Gospels tell the story of Holy Week, the "why" behind all of what we are doing. Why is Great and Holy Friday "great"? What is the story behind the Resurrection? The Church wants us to know and so we read not just a snip or two but the whole story, from multiple viewpoints so when we ask like they do at Passover "Why is this night different than all the others?" we have, on our own passover, our Pascha, an answer.

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