Little things...

I'm learning again this Pascha.

A little meat can still make you sick. My diet is largely vegetarian even outside of Lent and so I tried to take it easy in the wee small hours but it wasn't good enough. I'm now in bed at the hotel waiting for everything to settle. Sigh.

How good it is to have a full church. They were standing in the aisles last night and the church was warm with the energy and life of that holy night. How I would love for that to be every day!

To appreciate the effort that everyone takes to make Holy Week a reality. Of course the Priest works but there were many others who took the time from their day to lend a hand. Thank you.

That even when the services seem to be a matter of getting up there and getting through there are still parts that speak to your spirit. They're the same words for sure, but there is always a new place in your life where they can fit.

A sense of gratiude for my own home and bed. I live in hotels every weekend and the hospitality is great but I'd trade it right now, and every time, for my own bed with a cat sticking his nose into my face.


s-p said...

It is wonderful that you can make Pascha a reality for people that don't have a full time priest available. May God bless your travels and the sacrifice of your own pillow for the sake of serving. I hate being away from my own bed too.

Mimi said...

Father, bless,

I am with S-P, I am thankful you make this sacrifice to allow Pascha celebrations.

Crhist is Risen!