I plan on...

being tired come Monday but its the best kind of tired in the world, the tired of Lent completed, Pascha celebrated, a tired full of the anticipation of spring.

I suppose I'll write a little bit along the way but mostly I plan to soak it all in.

By the way, I hope you like the picture. I took it last fall outside the church in Wausau, Wisconsin where my family and I spent much of our lives. All I can say is that I have traveled far.


Mimi said...

Father, bless,

it is a fantastic photo! Thank you for posting.

Like you, I expect to be a very good tired on Monday.

William Harrington said...

I'm a grad student and my wife and I live two and a half hours from our Parish. We haven't been able to go to liturgy since we were married last May. Every time we planned to go something went wrong. Usually my father in law going into the hospital. We were determined to go this Pasca but were wondering how we could afford it (remember, I'm a grad student and my wife is disabled to boot). Yesterday my wife's Godmother sent an e-mail saying she wanted to put us up for the night but already had a full house, so she went ahead and rented us a room at the Microtel for Friday and Saturday night. This just after the nursing home where my father in law is currently staying called to tell us that his Chemo is being postponed until next week. Suddenly our schedule is cleared and we can afford to go. I am so looking forward to being tired come Monday.