A better way...

The plan is in, massive government spending, unimaginable deficits, and a debt that our grandchildren will have to pay if the whole house of cards doesn't collapse before then. After all, you can't get blood from a turnip. All of it is about avoiding the pain our lifestyle is causing us, the consequences of our "who cares about tomorrow, swipe the card today" mentality.

I doubt it will work because in truth its more of the same.

The cure is harder, we don't need a better government or certainly not a bigger one, we need to be better people and until that happens none of the rest will follow. The primary cause of this current financial crisis is moral, people with power and wealth who didn't have the inner fabric to reign in their own desires and a lot of us further down the financial food chain who played the game in the same, but a more limited way. Every day when we go to the bathroom we see the face of this crisis in the mirror.

Of course we probably won't see our politicians calling for a time of repentance at least not in a way that would come close to a call to spiritual and moral renewal. That's for a day long ago, the times are different, change the government and the world will change except that it won't and never has and we're the crazies who think we can do the same thing over and over again but this time get it right. Reckoning is on its way and we are very much less then ready. Our world is still the world of dreams.

I presume, though, that some will sit up in their beds with a start and realize the nightmare which woke them up. And as they rub their eyes and come to their senses they'll think, "That was crazy..." and when they do they'll start on the path to a better way.

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