Viva Las Vegas...

Next week my wife and I will be off to Las Vegas. Ahhhhhh vacation!

I'm not much of a casino guy, in fact the bells ringing and the feeling of being trapped like a rat in a maze when you just want to walk through is annoying. Plus, quite frankly, I'm too cheap to give just someone my money for the privilege of pushing a button or looking at cards in a place where they give you free booze to loosen you up and the odds are already stacked against you.

But I do love the desert air and moderate temperatures in Las Vegas this time of year and tons of Nevada sun. I find no charm at all in cloudy weather except when it needs to rain and then move on. I lived in Kansas for a year as a Baptist pastor and the best thing about Kansas was the big open sky. Las Vegas can be like that and since they figure I'm going to blow my money they give out cheap flights and hotel.

They're in for a surprise, though, when they see us two thrifty folks walk right on by the machines and tables and straight on over to the Star Trek museum at the Hilton. Maybe we'll drop into the M and M store for some treats and the Coca Cola store for a pair of Tab socks for my wife and then we'll rent one of those little electric cars for a trip up and down the Strip and some light watching. Mostly, though, I just want to stand outside in the sun.

Someone will be staying at our house to care for the cats and since my computer will be along I'll probably blog away wearing a wild Hawaiian shirt, funny tan shorts, and whatever other garb shouts out "tourist" in the most conspicuous way.

Viva Las Vegas!

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Mimi said...

Father, bless

Enjoy your travels, travel safely, and have fun at the Star Trek museum!