The temperature outside...

The temperature outside is dropping like a rock, down to 25 below zero Farenheit in some areas, and I took a day off from Valerian to let my body chemistry readjust so I'm awake and writing. All I can hear is the furnace kicking on again and again as it struggles against the cold and I wonder how much that's going to cost when we get the bill in February. Oh well, I'll be back in bed in a minute or two and this won't last forever. They say we could be in the 30's by next week and it'll be nice to go outside without looking like the Michelin man. One more hard day and the mercury starts rising.

BTW I'm not sure what kind of original equipment battery comes with a Saturn Vue, probably an AC/Delco, but mine is amazing. Yesterday morning, below zero, cranks right over. Takes a few miles to get warmed up but starts like a charm.


Mimi said...

Father, bless.

That is so cold, I can't even contemplate it. And everyone goes out and about in it?

Fr John said...

We all, or at least anyone who has some business to do, have no other choice. This morning it was 20 plus below here and yesterday the temperature dropped to nearly 50 below in northern Minnesota. There's a pocket of air that comes down into these parts straight from northern Canada, we call it an Alberta clipper, and it can drop the temps through the floor for days. I guess we just can't stop the wind!