A Simplified Orthodox Voter's Guide...

1) Please vote. We've been given a precious right and to not use it is a kind of negligence. A vote is one way of positively impacting the public arena with Christian values.

2) Vote, not based on emotion, the economy, party loyalty, or the passion of the moment but rather with a dispassionate understanding of the Orthodox Faith as your guide. Economies changes, emotions come and go, principles matter and endure.

3) Take responsibility for positive change after the election. If you're pro-life that's good because Orthodoxy is as well but when the voting is done what will you do to put "shoe leather" on that belief? Voting is good but living your principles in the real world is better.

4) Pray. Whether the candidate we vote for wins, or whether the candidate who wins is in opposition to our values, we will continue to pray for them and for all civil authorities.

5) Don't give in to fear. On election day things will change but the world won't end. God is still God and no politician or party can change that.

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