An odd idea...

I was just about to go to sleep when an odd idea struck me.

You know how so many times conservative, traditional, and Orthodox Christians just look out west at San Francisco and shake our heads? Now I do agree there's a fair amount of what we would consider curious and dare I say even dangerous and sinful about that town but what do you think would happen if observant Christians all across America just started praying for it? I mean bathe the whole place with prayer, every time you see something crazy or wrong happening there just pray and pray even when the place isn't in the headlines.

Has anyone ever tried it? Could it be that we've spent so much time reviling the place, making fun of it, and just frankly hating it that we've forgotten to pray for it? And what would happen if a few thousand fervent Orthodox Christians starting asking for the intercessions of the Mother of God, or perhaps St. John of San Francisco for that city? After all the Scripture says we're not fighting against people but against spiritual principalities and powers.

If you'd like to give it a try pass this along.

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