My apologies...

I had a few comments to moderate (I've chosen to moderate them after some rather "interesting" unmoderated ones came along) regarding the posting about Highway 61 in winter and prayers for San Francisco. I, however, in reviewing them, accidentally deleted them. Sorry.

But Mimi, thanks for your concern. We're just used to driving through that stuff around here.

And Anonymous, I still think its a good idea to pray for the city of San Fransisco because it does two things. When we pray for someone or a group of people it takes away hostility because we begin to see them as humans. Second we are advised that behind the struggles we see in history are not so much people, but as St. Paul says, "principalities and powers..." that is spiritual forces working in and through people and cultures. By prayer we address not just what or who we see but also what is unseen behind the events of our time.

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Mimi said...

Father, bless,

Winter drivers have my prayers. We don't get very much snow, so when we do, the entire city pretty much stops. Which, I'm sure would make you hearty midwesterners laugh and laugh.