Here comes the sun...

Around this time people get notions to talk about what they're grateful for.

I'm grateful for the sun. Now that's so odd or generic that some of you reading this may start to wonder, but not if you live in Minnesota where November is often a perpetually cloudy day. November in these parts is soggy, enough snow to make mud, enough cold to keep you inside, sunsets around 5 in the afternoon, and gray skies everywhere and every day. But this past week has looked more like January, when the winds descend on us from Canada and bring cold, brilliant, air on cloudless days.

It can be a miserable time, a typical Minnesota November, and some day I will leave this place for good and live where there is no such thing. But until then these past few days, sunny, cold, but bright, are more precious than gold and I'll do my best to take full advantage.

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