Election musings...

As I'm writing this the campaign for President has ended. California has been projected for Sen. Obama and that puts him above the needed 270 electors to win the presidency.

In one sense this is a historic moment, the election of an African American to the highest office in the country. In my own lifetime African Americans were not able to vote and now a man who was a child, as I was, in those days has become President elect. This could only happen in the United States. In that sense this is an important event, a burying of our sometimes brutal racial past.

Yet he is young, inexperienced, and on many issues, especially the social issues, he stands on the Left. Will he govern this way? We'll see. He rose to power from that base but will need to reach out beyond those narrow confines if he wishes to be a President who can make good on the ideals to which he aspires. We must hope for the best.

As Orthodox Christians we are commanded to pray for all those in civil authority, regardless of our agreements or disagreements, and this we will do. And we, as Orthodox Christians, must always understand that our call to participate in the civil affairs of our country also includes a commitment to do good and serve God wherever we are and this we must continue to do as well. Our country is only as good as it can it be when the Church is what it should be as well.

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