Day two without TV...

It's about 6 am in the morning on Monday and I'm up and bright eyed. That's largely because I went to bed around 7 PM last night and slept through until a little after 5 this morning.

My normal routine after driving through the afternoon would have been to arrive home, have a little supper, and then catch the football games and whatever else is on. Sometimes I'd stay up until midnight. But last night I just went to bed when I was tired and slept as long as I needed since I have Mondays off. When I was finished sleeping my body woke up, no alarms and no weariness. I've noticed this in other times when I've cut myself away from the box. I sleep better and after a time of catching up on my sleep feel rested and alert. We'll see if this happens again.

And BTW here's an article regarding children under the age of two and television.

PS - As I've stated before I'm not talking about this because I'm some super saint. If the truth be known I've just gotten tired of what I was becoming after attaching myself to our culture's umbilical cord / sewer pipe and decided to take myself off the grid.

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