At approximately 2:00 AM this morning I received a call from the LaCrosse Police Department stating that windows had been broken at St. Elias. When I arrived at the church the police were there and had a young man, very intoxicated, in custody. At the present we have no idea behind his motivation but apparently he decided to throw objects at and into the church. Inside the church there was glass everywhere, a vodka bottle, an iron, and household garbage. Outside the church there was litter on the lawn, various objects including bottles, a pumpkin, stove parts, and other items that had been thrown at or against the church. Two large windows were broken and two smaller glass block windows suffered damage. There was also damage to the siding. We had no Orthros this morning as that time was dedicated to clean up but we patched up and served the Divine Liturgy.

Please remember the young man alleged to be the perpetrator in your prayers.

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Matt M. said...

Father, Bless,

I am sorry to hear about the vandalism.

Matt M.