St. Martin or Obama?

Alert readers have asked the question as to whether the votive is of St. Martin De Porres or Senator Obama. Here is a larger picture. Here is a link to a site offering Obama votives. Here is a link to an artist who has constructed a statue of Sen. Obama as a saint/messiah. Here is the link to the Obama Messiah blog.

Here is a picture of St. Martin from St. Martin of Porres School

Perhaps someone noticed the similarity and superimposed the Senator's face on St. Martin's body? They say that everyone has a double, perhaps Sen. Obama's is St. Martin? Interesting to note as well that his day is November 3rd, one day before election day.

It should also be noted that a fair number of folks have put the Senator's face on religious gear as part of their critique of what they believe to be his overarching sense of himself.

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Augusto said...

Yeah, it's clear they did super impose an image of him on the traditional depiction of St. Martin.

You mentioned there's a site selling them but there is no link btw.