No television...

What would happen if Orthodox Christians turned off their televisions for Nativity Lent?

Now I know you're not supposed to advertise your fast but what would it be like if Orthodox Christians just quietly turned off their televisions on November 15th? No fanfare, no press releases, just a click of the remote and everything goes silent.

What could we do with the time? How would we live with our society's umbilical cord cut? What would change about us in that month and a half when we have hours of our day freed from the background noise of our lives? How would we relate to each other? Would we be physically better or worse? How about spiritually, intellectually? And what about the withdrawl symptoms? What would they be and how could we overcome them?

I haven't developed my thoughts about this yet but I'm thinking about taking the plunge. How about you?


-C said...

I know of some who do this - it's an idea with some merit, I think.

A few years ago when I was still a Lutheran, a "no-TV" Lent was a challenge put forward by my then-pastor. He did it, and I think he only got one other from the parish to join him in this challenge.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that might be the case if I did it at St. Elias but it would be interesting to see.

I actually wish we could get "economia" from our Bishop for food in this time if we turned off the TV. I think fasting from TV would be way better for the soul.

BTW you must be an early riser!

Fr John

Matt M. said...

Father Bless.

I agree, but getting people to turn off their televisions would be quite a task. I know I would have a really difficult time with it.


Mimi said...

Father, bless,

I really try to limit my TV during Advent and Lent, and admit while I don't watch a huge amount of TV it is more difficult than I'd like to admit.