Saying goodbye...

It's always hard to say goodbye and when you're a musician letting an instrument go can be melancholy. But its a fact of life; times change, people change, music changes, and your need for an particular axe flows with it all. The darling of your life fresh from the music store finds a way to the back of your rack and then its off to the store as a trade in.

I wanted to simplify, to move from six basses to just what I need. I wanted to add a guitar to increase my range for songwriting. So I traded in my six string, my fretless, my four string, and an electric mandolin in for a single four string (Fender Precision) and an acoustic (Dean Exotica). And despite the brand new instruments at home, each wood grain with great tone and function, I still miss the old ones.

That's natural. An instrument channels your thoughts, your faith, your emotions, and some of your deepest passions to the world. Yes, it's a thing but it's a thing that becomes part of you and sometimes part of your identity. I will miss the late at night moments with each of them, that quiet time when I could think about the day and life and let the music carry things through. Yet there was also a hunger to let the clutter go, to focus, to find the "one" in the many and to expand in a new direction. Eventually that won out.

Things change and perhaps some day the new instruments in my attic studio will take that ride in the back seat to a music store. But right now I'm in between, missing the old, enjoying the new, and only the music remains the same.

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