Thoughts from the road to Grand Rapids...

Back from a mid week run to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the Midwest Diocesan Parish Life Conference. I've seen enough of cars for a while but learned a few things along the way...

Don't use Hotwire or Priceline to make reservations. When they lock in that "special" rate for you the contract is non negotiable and they will penalize you for any change in schedule no matter how trivial. Think a hundred times before pressing their buttons.

A Chevrolet Aveo has great gas mileage and plenty of room, but the seats have no support for a long drive. If you want to rent one make sure to get out and stretch every hour or so to avoid, so to speak, a cramping of the buns.

That Orthodox Bishops don't go insane within a year of their consecration proves the presence and power of the Holy Spirit. Bishops are seldom left alone, always overworked, and our Bishop MARK went to his father's funeral on Monday and then was present for the Diocesan convention, and all of us, on Wednesday. I can't imagine the life of a Bishop and every one of them should make at least a hundred grand a year with one month off.

The old saying that everything can change in an instant is true. On our way north into Michigan, in the vicinity of Benton Harbor, there was an accident. Apparently a few minutes ahead of us a car and a truck collided and two lanes were closed. As we passed the scene the fire crew was rolling out a body bag.

I'm not as alone as I thought. When Priests gather together they talk and I was reminded that others are working full time jobs and trying to help missions and small churches get on their feet. I wish it wasn't so. I wish mission parishes had all the financial support they needed and small church pastors would get the tools they need to give new life to their charges. But until then knowing that my lot is shared makes it easier and helps me focus my prayers for my brothers in arms fighting this good fight.

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