Out of control...

An AP article about the world being out of control brings two things to mind.

First, I'm not sure that the world is worse then its ever been, its just that with modern media we know more about it, in fact we're immersed in it. 500 years ago there were wars and famines and all kinds of nasty stuff happening all over the world, just no TV cameras. Remember folks, media is not about the truth, its about getting you to look so they can sell commercials and disasters make you look.

Second, the world is only coming apart if your only hope is in this world. If you were counting on humans things to save you then when they fail so does your heart because, as Jesus said, where your treasure is there will you heart be as well. People of faith need to see hard times as a reminder to put ultimate trust in God and a call, not to panic, but to do whatever is possible to alleviate human suffering.

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