New Car...

I just put down my deposit on a Smart Car. It'll take about a year to arrive and hopefully I'll be settled in one place. It's a decent car, lots of room for two inside, and should be a great car for a non traveling Priest to use for calls. Mine will look like the one pictured above. My first Pastor car was a Ford Festiva, which I dearly loved, and I hope this one will do as well. The Smart Fortwo has good gas mileage 40/45 by 2007 standards, 33/41 by 2008, easy to park, easy on the earth, and fun to drive. A good little city car.

One of the things people may not know is just because I'm skeptical about the global warming hype doesn't mean I'm not an environmentalist in my own way. I feel that taking care of the environment and living on the Earth in the lightest way possible is about respect for God's creation. I like to think that not consuming as much is a way to promote peace in the world. I believe we have a moral responsibility to, as best we can, leave God's creation in at least as good, and hopefully better, shape as we found it. It's just that I guess I'm not "Al Gore" green so much as "Garden of Eden" green, if that makes sense.


Matthew the Curmudgeon said...

Why did the mileage decline from 2007 to 2008 models?

Fr John said...

They changed the formula used to calculate the mileage.

-C said...

I must admit that when I saw this post, I laughed as I thought of a SmartCar I saw just the other day - the first one I'd ever seen!

The driver of this car tried (unsuccessfully) to cut off a city bus on Lake St. in Mpls. I just laughed when I saw the vehicle-make label on the back of this teeny car: "Smart."

Not TOO smart, I thought.

They do look sorta cool, though.

Fr John said...

Yes, for now those who own this car must remember they are ants in a world of very large shoes.

I'm grateful they come in bright colors... : )