Counting blessings...

I recently had a Priest from Ohio write after he learned that I traveled over a thousand miles per month back and forth to St. Elias and tell me he'll never again complain about his 50 mile commute. It brings up a good point.

Every parish, every assignment, has its strengths and weaknesses. Because we Priests are often the only ones of our kind for miles and because we largely work alone the struggles of our tasks often feel more significant because we have little to which they can be compared. Our problems are our own in a unique way and our isolation magnifies their significance. Everything has to be seen in balance.

I drive a lot but at the same time I work with a dynamic, proactive, and solid Parish Council. There are other Priests who have larger churches and higher incomes but their parishes are in conflict. What can you say? To survive in ministry you have to see the larger picture, not in a dreamy idealistic way, but with reality tempered by hope. You're not perfect, your Parish isn't either. You'll have problems, but then so does the Priest up the highway.

Sometimes realizing this just takes an email from Ohio.

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