A Day Off...

It's the first Monday off and we'll have to see what happens.

For the past several years I would come home on Sunday and simply go to work on Monday through Friday and return to church on Saturday to start the whole thing over again. But a few weeks ago I applied for a reduction in hours and got it sooner then I expected. Be careful what you wish for!

So now I have a whole day with, well, nothing. I don't doubt that I can fill the time its just that, like a lot of Priests, I'm a workaholic, addicted to the motion if not the substance, of work. Feeling busy makes me feel alive and after a few days of vacation I start itching to get back at it.

One thing that for sure will happen is a lot of home chores will get done. With both my wife and I working and traveling, the home front gets short shrift as we both come home tired. So I've got some raking to do and some picking up around the place and maybe a supper to make and given my nature I'll probably fill the day with different tasks.

I could try resting but that's just no fun!

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