Holy Week...

Tomorrow I drive south and Holy Week begins in earnest. Busy times ahead.

Of course I've made the usual mental checklists. Book? Candles? Vestments? Anyone I need to call? But the truth is this week takes on a life of its own and carries you, like the Liturgy, by the sheer power of momentum. Whether every "i" is dotted and "t" crossed, whether we sing well or just get by, or whether every rubric is met with perfection matters, but not all that much in the larger scheme of things. We're together to pray through this Holy Week and celebrate the joy of Pascha when most of the rest of the world is still asleep.

It's been a fidgety Lent, one where I never seemed to quite get in the flow. Like New Year's I always seem to start out with a list of resolutions that somewhere along the line don't get met, at least not in their entirety. There are always things in Lent that are left undone and part of me would like to, just once, have a "perfect" Lent, whatever that is. Maybe, though, that's the point, there is no perfect Lent, just me trying to wade through a lot of stuff to get some place closer to Christ.

The good thing, of course, is that Lent is a concentrated form of what we should always be doing, living a life of repentance. If I didn't do everything I thought I need to in Lent I still have a new chance every day to get back on track. We Orthodox seem to be people who have the sheet music in front of us, know the tune in our head, but continually struggle to get our voice to match the notes. When we do its beautiful. Lately my voice has been, as they say on American Idol, "pitchy".

However, I hope to finish strong, serve well, and if I have not run the race with skill at least cross the finish line. I look forward to the days ahead when all the world seems filled with hymns and smells of incense. I love those services in the dark full of anticipation's light. I cherish that time when all is said and done we gather together with our little church is full of joyful conversation, the smell of food, and hope. And yes, that wonderful tired sleep of Bright Monday when everything seems new, that, too, is one of life's pleasures.

As you browse through this blog I hope that your Holy Week is blessed and you would find new joy, faith, and strength in the risen Lord Jesus. Time may not permit me to blog until all is done so until then may your Holy Week and Pascha be filled with grace.

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