Times in hand...

The sleet is falling outside, with wind moving through the trees and thunder in the distance. A storm is moving through and they say there'll be over a foot of snow just an hour or so north of here. I wonder what things will look like when I wake tomorrow.

An interesting week is drawing to a close, a week of tension at work and calm at the altar, a new season of change and the timeless flow of faith. My instincts tell me a chapter is ending and something is yet to begin. There's no direction to it all yet, just instinct. Yet the feeling is strong.

My times, your times, the times of the world are all in God's hands. There will always be pressures. There will always be changes. There will always be some crisis. We're not required to be passive in the face of it all but we act rooted in assurance, the assurance that all things are somehow, somewhere in control and part of a larger plan. Right now there are decisions being made and who knows what they will be. I know what I will do. I will not panic but I will pray tonight and place my life in the hands of Mercy and go to work tomorrow and church this weekend to do my very best knowing the everything is in good hands.

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