Post 500...

This is post 500 in the Traveling Priest Chronicles, a landmark of sorts I suppose.

I started this blog not knowing for sure what I was attempting to do and only certain there were things I'd like to say and perhaps it would be of some value to record life on the road and whatever thoughts came to me along the journey. I wondered if it were perhaps a bit pompous to think that what I had to say even mattered.

Along the way the blog has been kind of a diary that I share with whoever drops in, the book I intended to write but never quite got around to doing, and a log of the miles and people and miscellanea encountered on the road from St. Paul, Minnesota to LaCrosse, Wisconsin. It's rapidly approaching three years now of travels to St. Elias Church, three years of seven day weeks, three years of motels and its been an adventure. When I get older people make think I'm making it all up, some kind of "Fr John story" they can politely dismiss as an old man's fancy.

I've wondered, sometimes, what I will do if and when I ever actually live in the same vicinity of the parish I serve. What will I call the blog when there are no more travels? But right now its Monday night, I'm a bit road weary and getting ready for the First Sunday in Lent. Home seems like a long way off and I might have to make the run for who knows how long until I finally find it.

Until then I'll just keep traveling and writing and hoping that it blesses whoever comes along to read.

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