With friends like this......

The Archbishop of Canterbury says that implementation of some aspects of Islamic Sharia law in Britain is "unavoidable". With that attitude thank goodness he wasn't serving in the late 1930's.

It's sad to see that some in the Church seem to be unable to stand up for the values that underline Christian civilization. Quite frankly we've seen so many examples of the harshness and brutality of Islamic Law that I can't imagine why anyone who could avoid it doesn't or what possible value or benefit it would be to any society where it is now not present. The larger irony is that many things of value in countries where Sharia Law predominates, from electric lights to airplanes to oil wells, are the result of importing the fruit of predominantly Christian cultures. Can anyone even imagine someone living in traditional Afghanistan inventing television?

Of course we in cultures significantly influenced by Christianity have made mistakes, sometimes terrible ones, and continue to do so (we also have, because of Christianity, the mechanisms of positive change). But does anyone with a shred of common sense think the world should look less like the European / American democracies and more like Saudi Arabia or Iran? Why can't the Archbishop of Canterbury crawl out of his multi-cultural relativistic mind hole and think that perhaps the reason his country is being flooded with Muslim immigrants is precisely because they're fleeing such places for something better, the very place he thinks will be improved by importing the ideas that turned those places into cultural rubble centuries ago.

Perhaps its only at the first beheading, sadly perhaps his, that he'll understand.

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