Some political thoughts...

An article from Breitbart about abortion politics in New Hampshire where, when you read the article, it is revealed (in the third paragraph) that Sen. Barack Obama voted AGAINST a bill requiring medical care for, as the article states, "aborted fetuses that survive." (Usually they're called "infants")

Assuming the information is true, why post this? Simple. Vigilant Christians need to read between the lines and get all the details when they make choices for political office. Right now the media frenzy is all about Sen. Obama, and who knows where it will be in a few weeks. But before we give our heart away we need to use our head.

No one is perfect. No one ever will be. But measured against a traditional Christian vision is ANY legislator who votes against mandating health care for babies who somehow survived an attempt to abort them worthy of the highest office in our country?

You decide.

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