New Year's Resolutions...

It's 2008, day two, and I've got a few resolutions.

I'd like to lose some more weight. I've got a case of the usual American gluttony and really need to drop about 20 more pounds or so (I've lost about 25 since October).

I need to get to confession at least once a month. You'd be suprised at how hard it is for a Priest to get to confession especially if they're the only Orthodox Priest in town!

This year I'm going to get at the mandolin and really make the time to practice it and gain expertise.

Oh yes, get organized, always get organized. And turn off the TV because some days it can be like having the spiritual equivalent of an open sewer in your home.

Now I don't know exactly how I'll do on some or all of these. All I can say is that I feel motivated in a way I haven't before. Midlife crisis? Best laid plans of mice and men?

We'll see.

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