The day after Christmas I began to have headaches, migraine type headaches, and off and on they've been with me since then with the added touch of nausea and dizziness. At first I thought it was about a change in diet and then perhaps about a side affect of medication. Not so, apparently, as I've made the investigatory changes and the headaches continue. Tomorrow I'll be off from work and visiting various medical folks to check up on things.

This is not the first time I've had a series of headaches. In 2000 I was on a motorcycle at a stop light and a drunken driver hit me and sent me to the pavement. On occasion after that I've had times when a cluster of headaches has hit and I either ride it out or go to the chiropractor and get my neck adjusted. Perhaps this is another of these times.

Regardless tomorrow will be a day of rest, a sabbath for someone who should probably have a few more of them. I need it to find out what's making my head hurt and get some rest.

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